20 things women think about during cunnilingnus

Written by texasginger on fetlife

1. Oh yay! He’s going down there!

2. Oops I forgot to defrost the chicken for dinner.

3. Oh yay! He knows what a clitoris is!

4. Oh, no! Don’t fart, don’t fart, don’t fart!

5. I should have said yes when he asked me if I wanted him to shave.

6. Oh wait, did I shave? Oh yeah I did, phew!

7. Maybe we could just order pizza for dinner.

8. Enough with the teeth, dude! Oh wait, don’t stop!

9. No you can’t reach my boobs from down there, but points for trying.

10. Oh God! (or insert chosen deity or imaginary friend here).

11. I hear in some cultures it is polite to slurp or burp to show your appreciation of a meal.

12. Hmmm he seems to think he is done down there. Pushing on the top of his skull may send the message.

13. Oh good he got the hint.

14. I wonder if it is possible for someone to drown down there.

15. Hmmmm I might just take a quick peek at his technique down there. Eeek! He was looking up. Oh wait, that was kind of cool.

16. Oh God! Oh God! Oh Goooooooo! Ok so levitation is possible.

17. Ooops, I better watch the sudden back arch, I don’t want to knock his teeth out with my pelvic bone.

18. Perhaps I can release my grip on his hair a little.

19. Yeah ok, you kind of deserve to have that self satisfied, kind of goofy grin on your face.

Wait, what comes after 19?


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