My Body Hates Me.

So for the last 2 weeks I have been covered in hives. I swear my body hates me all it does is attack itself. As if the Grave’s Disease and the stomach attacks are not enough now my body decides to attack my skin, the one thing I cannot hide. So frustrating, I have had to cancel several paid photo shoots. Last time I modeled I could not find paid work, now I am being offered it left and right and I cannot accept it because I look like I am dying of smallpox.

Sick to death of being sick.



3 thoughts on “My Body Hates Me.

  1. Hey Dollbaby,
    Sorry you’re feeling so sick. I am the epitome of that phrase! Well now that X has bought me a nice weave I am getting sewn in tomorrow maybe I wont look so sick after all!! : ) Anyways your authorship should work now if it doesnt ima send WP a nasty email. PS you gonna tell the trophy wife she gave you the Herp-a-derps?
    Yours Lewdly,

    1. Its hives from stress, lol not herps…. doctor gave me new meds and I look good this morning…. have to run shooting a liquor commercial today!

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