I am not drunk, I am a klutz

So this week I am working on a guest post for http://rawlewdindecent.com/ since I went on my second date with the trophy wife here on out known as K even though I can think of way better names for her. I am going to save the good stuff for that but I will say there was a lot of drinking going on. K calls herself a drunk and it was easily more drinking in one day than I have done in a long time, maybe ever. We spread it out though so I was barely buzzed most of the time.

Every time I did something klutzy, K would start to laugh her ass off because she thought I was drunk. I would try to tell her I wasn’t and that totally spazzing  out was normal for me and she would just giggle and say “sure you aren’t honey”.  I wish I could blame it on being drunk, I really do, like this morning when I dumped a whole mug of hot coffee in my lap on the couch.  My vag is going to taste like vanilla coffee all day.


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