The Best Sex Ever!!

I am so damn lucky. I get to have the best sex ever, I really do. Keep in mind Daddy has the best sex ever too.

Take yesterday for example and keep in mind K totally fucked me the day before,lol.

So I wake up and I am horny, shocker. Lol

So I make my classic morning just woke up move, lay there with my eyes closed and rub my butt all up and down Daddy’s cock and hope He’s horny too. I have a pretty good success rate with.

It worked, lol. Morning sex is always a quickie for us we like to save some for evening lol.

So later that night I have been wanting it for hours, and I whisper to Him, “I want Daddy to hurt me” aka give it to me rough.

He cannot resist it when I say that to Him. (Side note anything we do during sex is done safely and with consent. We have a safe word we use if anything gets out of hand)

Anyways, so He looks at me and uses that voice that makes my pussy wet and asks me how I want to be hurt and what a good slut I am. (I have never let anyone call me slut before but I AM a slut for Daddy, plus when He says it, it sounds like a compliment.)

I have been getting really good at deep thoating lately so now Daddy is comfortable shoving himself down my throat because He knows I can take it. So that’s what He does, each time holding it down there almost too long, causing me to gag a little.

Then He sneaks over and gets out our paddle which is a small wooden cutting board and spanks me. The paddle stings a lot and the pain lingers unlike the crop which stings a whole hell of a lot but doesn’t linger. Back to the paddle, lol. He spanks me on one side then the other, pauses so that I do not know when it’s coming and down He comes again.

Spanking me makes Daddy rock hard and He bends me over the couch and fucks me HARD. He pulls my hair and uses me which is my favorite. One of the best things He does is grabs my ass cheeks and pulls them up and thrusts hard. He gets so far back when He does that makes me crazy.

He stops after what feels like an eternity but is probably only 10 minutes or so and we are both completely spent. I am deep in sub space (endorphins rush makes you feel high and out of it) but Daddy is still hard and He loves how I looked after I get fucked hard so He wants me again, and fucks me into the floor with His hand around my neck. Nothing and I mean nothing makes me feel more subby and deliciously helpless then when He grabs me around my neck. Being tied is pretty close but the neck thing is the most.

When we are done I am just laying there barely can even open up my eyes. then Daddy rolls me over and fucks me again. I am so sensitive by this point every thrust is agonisingly wonderful and it’s all I can do to not scare the neighbors. lol.

Finally e are both completely spent, and Daddy pulls me into Him, He gives me the best aftercare. I just sit on his lap for hours, nothing matters, not my phone, not what’s on tv, not food or drink. NOTHING matters but being near Daddy right now.

So like I said I have the best sex.


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