Busy Busy

I really apologize for neglecting all of you lately.

I have had a lot on my plate. Between the hot ass I have been getting (check out rawlewdindecent.com for the latest update) Photoshoots, the commercial I did for MyLa’Cor, and being broken out on hives taking tons of meds trying to keep them at bay, I have been pretty slammed.

I also was offered a partnership for a start up company in the bay area. 45-25% of the company, what ever I want. It’s going to be a all service photo studio, the works. It’s a huge undertaking but I am really excited and have been working on ppt all week.

Plus it’s money in the bank, an opportunity to learn new skills, and maybe if we are lucky and work hard a successful company.

I have two dates later this week I promise to share about, two photoshoots, a Skype business meeting, and more work for this company, so I am pretty slammed for the rest of the week.

Check out my ME!! page I am adding new photos today. 🙂



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