Good Girls Need Spankings Too!

Not my posting

Copyright, 2014. All rights reserved.

(Not a fictional account or story: a compilation of 39 years experience for your edification.)

Yes, you do.

I’m not referring to the smack on the butt you might get from me in the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, or when none of your friends or associates are around and I open the door of the car for you. I will and do crisply swat your bottom because I want you to think all day long about what’s in store for you for the evening: a good and proper spanking; hours of hot, devastating foreplay and oral sex; and, finally, a night of lovemaking, rough sex, and…

I’m referring to the spanking you get. The one you should have because you’ve been a good girl. Or a very good girl. Or a lovable brat!

It’s never been the same two times in a row. Not in a week, month, or in all the years we’ve been together. Your moods and needs have changed; I’ve evolved…

… and so has your spanking.

There are a dozen different ways to hold you, each one perfectly suited to that smack-my-ass, bratty attitude of yours; intended to allow my fingers to play with both your internal and external clits; or, others that will force you into abject submission of my will. Do I want your bottom perched high atop my knees, or do I want your dangling breasts to rub against my leg, your nipples subtly stimulated each time that my hand sharply connects with your bum? So many choices…

Laying across your daddy’s knees, you are in a perfect position so that my hand will strike your bottom crisply, sharply enough to make your bottom sting just the slightest little bit — or intensely.

When I spank you, my timing is very deliberate. I usually make you burn with delicious anticipation — but talking to distract you so you don’t realize what is happening. Your pleasure as a woman is an intense connection between your body, heart, and mind: By the time that I first spank you, you’re usually wet just from anticipation — laying over my knees, waiting. More than half the time, after waiting, the crotch of your jeans or panties has a large wet spot in them before my hand ever spanks your bottom once.

You wait, breathless with anticipation. I may have put a blindfold on you so that you don’t know what is going to happen next. You’re becoming wetter by the moment… waiting for the first jolt of my hand, crisply smacking your bottom. You can do nothing but wait… and wait… and wait… acutely aware of your bottom, the hot, fluid feeling in your vagina… all your pink girl-parts, aching to be touched…

You know what is coming, and relish it.

I prefer to start out with you being fully clothed, slowly, masterfully, rubbing your bottom every few spanks. My errant fingers might trace along your swelling vulva, or just barely glide by your anus. Then, gradually — as I hear your breathing change, feel your body relax across my legs, or sense the indications that your resistance is crumbling — I remove one item of your clothing protecting your bottom at a time — lifting your dress or lowering your pants — increasing your vulnerability, thus emphasizing your helpless submission to me.

As your spanking continues, your panties eventually come down. To heighten your feeling of submission, I might pull them down just a few inches, down to your knees, or let them dangle from your ankles. If circumstances call for it, I might insert a very large butt plug to heighten your response to my spanking: if it’s the right size and shape, your G-spot will be tantalized through each and every impact of my hand on your bottom. Your internal clit feels the overt, and subtle, stimulation of the moving object in your rectum, and the energy that it — and your compressed G-spot — absorb with each compression of your bottom by my hand. You involuntarily grasp the base of the butt plug with your sphincter, producing shock waves of energy through the complex bundled network of nerves that all connect your anus, rectum, vagina, the internal and external clits, labia, vulva, and the external hooded glans to your spinal cord. It’s akin to a lightning storm of pleasurable energy that entices, and further seduces, your brain and, unconsciously, your mind.

I’ll leave a sharply-defined handprint on your alabaster skin.

Shock waves go through your nicely-shaped bottom, through your thighs and down past your knees, each time that my hand connects with and sharply compresses your bum and all your pink girl-parts. I might even spank your external clit, too. Or your inner thighs.

You might yelp with the shock of it. But it’s not painful — at first — more noise than anything. You might kick your legs in playful, mock protest and reach around with one hand to block mine. I love it when you do that because it allows me to pin your hand behind your back: now you have to hang on and worry about your balance, so — most usually — you’ll push against my closest knee, grab my leg by my knee, or wrap your free arm around my lower legs. You might even put your hand on the deck (floor). Stability is suddenly very important, and I have a target that isn’t moving (much)! Your focus shifts completely to your kinesthetic sense of body position; you become acutely aware of your body. Your inner voice is silenced, waiting, feeling, anticipating, hoping…

After a few preliminary spanks, when you bottom begins to show the first signs of pink generally throughout your cheeks, I’ll turn up the heat.

Tears, or moans…

My hand is almost the perfect size for a woman’s derriere. It nicely covers most of one cheek with my fingers held together. Open my fingers up and I can span most of the territory between the bottom crease of your butt cheek up to about even with the top of your hip bone.

I’ve learned that I can generate different feelings in your bottom by splaying my fingers, cupping my hand, or by having just the slightest bend in my wrist as my hand makes sharp contact with your bum. I can turn you on quickly; vary the stinging you feel; or let your awareness build very slowly and deliberately, while on the surface being very playful — but seducing you so gradually that by the time you realize what’s happening, you’re my willing submissive — sexual clay in this potter’s hands.

Years of pitching in high school and college pay off here because I can, without the slightest bend in my wrist, bring ‘the heat’ to your bottom as if I were throwing a fastball. Even slowly warming your bottom up, I can continue spanking you with just a few extra pounds of force each successive swing or deliver a literal thunderclap. I had a 92-95 mph fastball in high school and became accustomed to my hand stinging from playing catch for hours.

I can spank you for hours, just as lightly — or hard — as you need.

The occasional, surprisingly harsh stinging thunderclap is a secret tool. It’s called a pattern interrupter, a way of delaying your orgasm while ramping up its intensity and duration.

Such is the legacy of a well-spanked bottom.

Why do it?

Mmmmmm. Interesting question.

The feeling of “surrender” or submission is an important part of a woman’s sexual response and identity, as many women need to be submissive, by surrendering control of their mind, heart, and body to their partner, and give themselves “permission” to feel sexual. Spanking incites, validates, and reinforces such feelings.

It’s a way of being playful; applying a little brute strength to a portion of your anatomy that stimulates certain areas of your brain, vagina, and rectum — all of which focus attention on your lower anatomy — making you wet, and stimulating your thinking about your anatomy. Your internal and external clit get moved around, jostled. Massaging your bottom will also move your vagina, vulva and labia. Your anus will be stretched and moved, your rectum compressed… And with such a great number of nerve endings in this part of your bottom, your attention will soon be riveted to what I’m doing… and the effect it is having on you sexually.

The voice in your head suddenly goes silent.

You are alone with your rising passion, stimulated well below the level of consciousness but in such a way that once begun, with equal parts applied psychology and kinetic energy, your thought processes race ahead to sexual pleasure and the promise of orgasmic intensity that few other methods of foreplay offer. Your vulva and labia, if I strike sharply and hard enough, will begin to swell with blood. Your vagina, which is suddenly awakened, becomes engorged with blood and your tissues lubricate the path of pleasures overt and sublime.

Spanking you is a visual delight for me. I dominate your body, buttocks, and mind in one sensual act. But dominating you is not enough: I must seduce you.

Spanking is also an act of dominance that literally, done properly, turns off the voice in your head and forces you to concentrate on my dominance, not your submission. Your body and mind stew with anticipation. Beneath the threshold of a safeword, the continued application of force, in terms of mass times velocity squared, turns your bottom into a rosy red, hot, glowing part of personal real estate that will remind you for hours –or days — that I was there. The more that blood flows to the skin, the more your muscles relax, and your sexual arousal builds. The more relaxed you are, the better spanking will feel, the more blood that engorges your vulva and vagina… preparing you for an evening of intense foreplay and a night of hot, raucous sex.

This act of dominance, plus the glowing reminder of your bottom, focuses your attention on your girl-person pink parts in your helpless submission to me, being quite vulnerable at this point. It’s not usually about pain — though many women have a strong masochistic desire to have pain inflicted — spanking by hand can take a while — but I’m pretty good at it. Your submission completes your enjoyment of the experience…

… and mine.

But most of all, it’s the anticipation that I’m creating. Anticipation of hot sex. Anticipation of the long, luxurious hours of oral sex that awaits you, my partner. And you know it, too: your bottom is willing, and my hand is very patient.

It doesn’t take very long before your squirming bottom causes my hand to slip as I pin your hand behind your back. Maybe it’s my hand being in close proximity to your pink girl-parts as I slowly massage your bottom between spanks, but I can usually tell when the lubricating glands in your vagina are working overtime. Your scent is remarkable and quite noticeable. My fingers wander around your thighs, maybe all around your peach… all that anticipation and attention focused on your bottom, and a master tactician can very subtly touch you and turn on the taps in your vagina.

As I pause between spanks, rubbing your bum almost guarantees stimulation of your internal and external clits.

You’re soaking wet in just a few moments. A whimpering puddle of hot girl goo.

The longer you’re spanked, the more you’ll be stimulated.

Resistance is futile.


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